With the recent release of two new Marvel Comics superhero slot from Cryptologic, there is interest in his original brand Marvel slots, which are connected with the Marvel progressive jackpot, be extended. This article lists and briefly reviews each of these slots. As a summary of the team Cryptologic online casinos like InterCasino and VIP Casino

Blade: Blade is known as a vampire hunter. By using a special enzyme that he is in his body immune to the bites of vampires. In the bonus game Sword is an expanding wild

Captain America: Steven Rogers was injected with a serum test and was transformed into a superhero. Since its mission was to defend his country, he was appointed Captain America. Red Skull, one of his infamous nemesis, has in the slot machine.

Daredevil: A resident of the infamous Hell’s Kitchen in New York, has acquired Daredevil super powers by a radioactive accident. The slot machine has his love interest Elektra and a wide variety of villains in the bonus game.

Elektra Elektra is the most popular female superhero in Marvel Comics. She is a Ninja Assassin Greek origin. The bonus feature slot game is in accordance Shoot the Ninjas.

Fantastic Four: The Fantastic Four is the superhero team, consisting of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing. Each has its own special super powers. Dr. Doom is the terrible villain.

Ghost Rider: Ghost Rider has a flaming skull and riding on a flaming motorcycle. The fiery animations during winning combinations are awesome.

Iron Man: Iron Man is one of the most popular Marvel superheroes. Tony Stark, the billionaire playboy who turns to fight evil in Iron Man. In the bonus game Iron Man must find hidden agendas.

Silver Surfer Silver Surfer was created as a super villain from the evil cosmic entity Galactus. He goes on the good side after a meeting with the Fantastic Four. The slot machine has an interesting re-spin feature in which Galactus plays an important role.

Spider-Man: Spider-Man is easily the best known Marvel superheroes. Spider-Man and Spider-Man Revelations – CryptoLogic has two slots dedicated to him. In Revelations Spider-Man stands with Doctor Octopus in the rescue of the passengers in a train.

Sub-Mariner: Namor the Sub-Mariner is the mutant son of a human sea captain and a mythical princess of Atlantis. The slot game has an animated background ocean on the rolls. Many symbols are used on the ocean, which is his kingdom.

The Hulk: The Hulk is the only other Marvel superheroes, which has two Cryptologic Slots. These are called The Hulk and The Hulk – Ultimate Revenge. In Ultimate Revenge bonus game, The Hulk helicopter kicks to win free spins with multipliers.

The Punisher: The Punisher is a vigilante who wages war against the Mafia, to avenge the killing of his family in a band version. The Cryptologic slot offers two bonus features.

Thor: In Marvel Comics Thor is the Norse god who turns into a deadly without his memory. He chances of Thor’s hammer and his super powers.

Wolverine: Wolverine is a mutant with retractable bone claws and super fast healing powers. In the bonus feature of the slot game he is pitted against his nemesis Sabretooth.

X-Men: X-Men is the superhero team of Professor Xavier. The members shall have an X-gene that gives them their superpowers. The slot machine has the leading members of the team and some of their opponents as icons.

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