The Hobbit trilogy is made as a prequel to the popular ‘The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The first film to be subtitled An Unexpected Journey will be released next week worldwide. The Lord of the Rings Online Slot game would be a big draw at this time, but it is no longer alive. But there are some other slot machines with mystical and magical creatures like the Hobbit. In this article, some of them are.

The Sirens were mythical creatures of Greek mythology lured sailors and let them crash their ships against rocky shores. They play an important role in Homer’s Odyssey, when they try unsuccessfully to its charm on Ulysses. The slot machine called sirens from the software provider Cryptologic is on this topic. In Sirens Odysseus is the Joker and his ship is the scatter symbol. Tighten the other symbols of the Greek culture, including the harp, the sirens for sailors. The free spins is triggered when the orange, pink and green sirens simultaneously appear anywhere on the reels 2, 3 and 4. 15 free spins with doubled payouts awarded.

Goblins are the guardian of the treasure and so they need a little mean. The Goblin Treasure online slot game from the portfolio of Real Time Gaming has ogres, trolls, dragons and goblins. The Goblins and The Treasure Chest are wild. The goblins symbol appears only on reel 1 and The Treasure Chest symbol appears only on reel 5. The Leprechauns symbol is unusual. From 1 to 5 goblins may appear in the symbol and all payments related thereto will be multiplied by the number of goblins. If the goblins and the treasure chest icon appear at the same time then awarded 15 free spins. Again, the number of goblins the free spins multiplier.

Zombies are perhaps the most pathetic of mystical creatures. Microgaming has a twist to the popular novel Alice in Wonderland by given a slot machine with its characters as zombies. The slot machine is Alaxe in Zombieland entitled. Those who are familiar with the story Alice is seen as Alaxe, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse. The high value card symbols are also manufactured scary. The zombie theme is carried out to profit animations. The game features triggered by symbols in the center of the story. Pocket Awards The white rabbit free spins with Tea Party theme of the Mad Hatter. The key is that Alaxe used to Zombie Adventure Awards feature the Red Queen who enter a bonus game on the second screen.

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